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Background to Marine Renewables

Energy from Marine Renewables - energy generated from devices driven by Wave or Tidal sources - is also known as Ocean Energy. Oceans cover 70% of the globe and 60% of the world's population live within 50 miles of its oceans. The oceans are energy bountiful because they have energy rich currents, waves and tides. The oceans are, for example, the world's biggest 'heat sink' and its largest wind source. Research suggests that the oceans could be the source of as much as 10-15,000Twh per year. To put that in perspective, one study* suggests that Wave energy resources potentially available to Ireland could have met 75% of the Republic's electricity requirement in 2006 and that's before taking the potential of Tidal energy into account!


Ireland's leading position in Marine Renewables

Ireland's geographical position and climate determine that it is one of the best locations in the world for Marine Renewables. This is backed up by Governent policy initiatives to develop the industry - the Ocean Renewable Energy Development Plan in the Republic of Ireland and the Offshore Renewable Energy Strategic Action Plan 2012-2020 in Northern Ireland. Moreover, Ireland is home to a number of the leading companies in Marine Renewables, both in the device development and the project development fields.

Objectives of the MRIA

The common concern of those who established the MRIA is to promote the development and implementation of policy concerning the Wave and Tidal (Ocean Energy) aspects of Marine Renewables, including a development oriented regime in the areas of Foreshore Leasing and Licensing and also Grid Connectivity. MRIA will seek to ensure that Marine Renewables development takes place in Ireland, North and South, and that Irish enterprises participate in the global industry. Further objectives are to promote industry-led research and participate in efforts to raise public awareness of the industry.


The MRIA is a limited company. The Board of the company looks after the corporate affairs of the organisation while the Council, appointed by the members, is the principal policy and decision making body of MRIA. The Association organises the widely attended annual Ocean Energy Industry Forum while the Council establishes Working Groups from time to time to draft policy on specific issues.

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